Blog Goals

Here I will outline the goals I have for my blog, as well as a little bit about who I am.

One of the first books (that wasn't fiction) that I remember enjoying was The Discourses. Admittedly that book blew me away when I was young.

I started off with some nice light reading about stoicism, and philosophy as a discipline before eventually working my way up to the likes of Ethics and Human Action in Stoicism. I would have loved to have jumped straight in the deep end but in my earlier years I was a bit more content with playing my Gameboy instead of reading.

As to what I hope to achieve with this blog.

Naturally I want a place to write freely about my life and thoughts, not just in the realm of philosophy (which is how I pay my rent) but also on topics such as privacy, security and maybe even a little bit about a lifelong crux I've had: games. Bah! Try as I might, despite how I wish I was only fascinated with ancient knowledge and wisdom a significant portion of me enjoys certain video-games.

As for any readers I may have. You must excuse me for not directing this blog towards any particular audience, but I do hope nonetheless that you find it a relaxing and enjoyable read if you do decide to read a little.

Best, Nils